Revolve your Websites Listing

WHOA has anyone noticed this, when Googling Revolve Clothing, we see a pay per click (PPC) by Revolve Clothing but if you notice in the organic search placement there is another search bar embed in the Revolve listing. Now we would think that search tool was to put there to enhance the a users experience, so from Google you could get to a particular item or page the Revolve Clothing website, wouldn’t you agree? So for fun we typed in Woman’s Belts, this brought us a new Google Search results page with new PPC Ads, but in the PPC ads - Revolve Clothing ads are not there in the first organic listing they are. 

This definitely adds a new level of obstacles for an online ecommerce retailers not only trying to keep top page rankings but more importantly having a top page rank along and NOW another distraction that cause the consumer to be redirected to your competition. 

The solution is in the postings - if you Google Refinery29, you will see the Additional Search Bar as well, but if you use it the next page results is 2 Refinery PPC ads and the rest of the organic results are from Refinery29’s blogs, internal content and social media pages. 

This new search bar is ads new level of importance on your search engine optimization, your social media outlets and on your blogs. In this case there is an emphasis on not only your web site to come in on top of the searches, there your blogging and social media efforts come up on top as well. 

On the final note Google has created a way for e-retailers using Google Webmaster Tools to embed a piece of code on your own web site, so when a user lands on your organic listings with the Google Search bar if embed, if the user uses the search bar and clicks SEARCH the results will actually be on your web site and not on Google.


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