Google ADWORDS - Things are Changing for the Better

Want Your Website to Have a Better Listing?

Two thirds of people who use ad words to market their websites are not satisfied with the results. The creation and maintaining of a Google ADWORDS program is no longer a matter choosing your words, funding the account and sit back and wait for the leads to come into your website.

A quick step back - organic search engine optimization 15 years ago used to be simpler as well post the keywords in your content on your website you would typically come up in a relative search. But Google main concern is the person using their search engine and to deliver the best results possible. SEO professionals figured out pretty fast - if I repeat a key phrase over and over again - I will get a better listing. Google then countered with a density checker, how many words are on this webpage - how many times are they using their key phrases over and over again. Steps like this and the competition of being found Search Engine result’s, pushed the envelope to making SEO is no longer a simple task but rather in depth ongoing project.

Like Organic Placement Google has realized sure it’s great when a lunatic shows up with $5000 and throws it at PPC program, driving all the bids up, knocking the steady advertiser off balance forcing them to take a look at their campaigns and consider biding higher sitting steady or bailing all together. So the lunatic spent $5000 in a month - sits down and does the math - his return is less than 5K - so he bails. More is not better, in the current state of Google ad words.

Our Lunatic friend has come in and upset the apple cart, from Googles perspective sure they got an extra 5K - but how many 1K customers bailed out of ADWORDS program. As well as how good where the search results during this time for the end user? Where they seeing what they needed or just this Lunatic over and over again? Google has now added in parameters that websites that are newly added to ADWORDS have to follow to be fair to the steady advertisers and deliver results for the end user.

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