Google ADWORDS Focus on Specific

Keep it Simple

As a website services agency and coming from conventional advertising we as marketers we are always telling our clients to keep the message simple. If we are speaking with an electrician for example, and they are going to run an ad (mind you they are paying for it) so the tendency is to list every possible service imaginable with descriptions, photos of the fleet of trucks, Photo of Mary who answers the phones, maybe a photo the family dog - we all ways have to reel them in and say focus on what the ad is going to be about and it cannot be about everything in your world.

We get it - and when we are running ads for our website service our initial tendency is the same we need to mention, not only website design - we need to mention hosting, development, social media marketing, email marketing oh yea we just started a whole new paid directory program lets put that in their as well. When it’s your dollars going into the ads - the psychology by those who are spending the dollars - this is how I am going maximize my results. Again we get it.

Let’s take some quick examples, automotive commercials for local dealerships, the ads tend to start with some branding, then they typically focus on one vehicle with an incentive offer. Or consider MAC in a magazine they will run and ad for the MAC BOOK, and not include the iPad, iPhone, iTunes, genius centers - they again focus on one product.

When creating campaigns in Google ad words the logic is the same focus on one service or a specific product - and create a cluster of key phrases that are associated with that service or product. For us we would not have website design and website hosting in the same ad group, say for this ad we are targeting website design, with the key phrase "website design" we would add to that phrase words like, professional, company, maybe GEO, Jericho NY, affordable, small business, ecommerce website design…will continue tomorrow

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