Google ADWORDS Creating the Funnel to Your Landing Page

Create Your Key Words

So you have created your key word clusters, for example for us we created in our website design cluster website design, website design company, professional website design and so on. It has become crucial to no longer point all traffic to your homepage - you will lose money and fast. What you need to do for each cluster is create its own landing page.

A landing page is a designed with a specific message targeting a specific product and services and typically 2 calls to action, the phone number for large call today for… or a nice big button that says sign up today. For us targeting Website Design, the user would come to our custom designed webpage through visual (photography and graphics) and verbiage the page will clearly resemble the service of website design.

Consider offering your potential customer something to entice them to call or fill out your form. Free White Paper Top 10 Things You Should Know About hiring a Website Design Company. Or if you are in the ecommerce product arena "Create An Account Today! And get 10% off your first order".

Like we discussed in the previous posting don’t get excited and list everything you do on this landing page for example in our case. Our landing page is all about Website Design - the temptation is to carve out a piece of real estate on our landing page and list all the other services we offer. Don’t do it.

I mention this again because another recommendation that is scary recommendation and if you are footing the bill hard to commit to, do not make it easy for them to go to another place on your website, typically these days you may notice when you click on the business logo on a website it takes you to the homepage. Do not link your logo, do not post the landing page in the template of your website where the navigation would allow them to move on.

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