Google ADWORDS Non E-Commerce Capturing an Email is Key

Campaigning ans Target Landing

In this series we have discussed creating an ad word campaigns and sending click thru’s to a targeted landing on your website that is related to your keyword cluster. Yesterday we discussed managing click thru’s on ecommerce websites. Today what if you are a service related business, if you are website subscription software model (email marketing solution); you will work approach differently than that of a physical service (Credit Repair) or a local service (plumbing and heating, electrical and or construction.) In the case of the Software Subscription and a Credit Repair type business the hope is they will hit that Get Started Today Button, fill out the form drop their credit card form and now you have a new subscriber or customer. What if they do not sign up? If they have clicked your ad come to your website and now looking at your landing page, we need to have all of the generic options on this landing page chat, large phone number (in the case of the local service emergency options) visual branding and clear explanations on what you can do for this, short form and an incentive. We need to capture their email to secure our potential of ROI on our ADWORDS. Capturing email their email is key because gives us the opportunity of the follow up. Their email marketing companies that now pre-stage the follow ups. The potential customer submits their name, email and other personal info, to receive a white paper, a free demo, entering a contest to win a prize, discount and or more information. The reactionary email is set in place, all designed to drive that potential client back to the website, fist email obvious “Thank you for your interest in …” 3 days later 2nd email of course branded with logo, colors etc. interesting fact did you know …. Few days later another interesting fact, a few days later make them an offer” Sign up Today and Get…” “Call Now For a Free…” For companies that spend on digital marketing to drive traffic to their websites - Email marketing makes up 68% of that budget.

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