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Making landing pages can be expensive; yes actually this can add up, consider how many products or services you are promoting on your website. For each product or service that you have created a cluster for in Google ADWORDS you will need a landing page, design, offer, signup form, phone number, as well each form will have to be unique to track which service or product the user clicked through to.

Web Cola Media offer a monthly package for managing your Pay Per Click Program and the Creation of landing pages. In both services offered we review the effectiveness of the ad words and the effectiveness of the websites landing pages attached to the cluster.

For a company that is service oriented like accounting, their clusters and landing pages will be tax preparation, corporate fillings, etc. for ecommerce websites there maybe the urge to send them to the actual product. OK it's not bad but let's think this out a bit. You are a Fly Fishing company, one of your clusters is Fly Reels, user Googles "Fly Fishing Reel Sale" they click on your add and they are sent to the Category Fly Reel Page. The page has 7 lines of Fly Reels, all clickable into each lineage not horrible.

What if they have come across your website for the first time and never heard of your company. They click into a few reels, maybe they feel they price is kind of cheap, or maybe too high, maybe they buy and take a chance or leave your site go back to Google look for a more familiar brand, or maybe they Google you check out blogs reviews. Or create a landing page with a nice large photo of your hottest Fly Reel, Brief positive description of the company, get a 10% off coupon code fill out the form and check out our Try it see if you like it if not return it with 30 days program.

If a user knows you, knows your website and knows what specific product they would like to buy from you and have searched the XXT Saltwater Fly Reel In this instance yes send them to the category on your website that customer knows exactly what they are looking for from your ecommerce website.

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