Google Ad Words and Ecommerce Concerns

Target Your Product

We left off the last Blog, concerning customers searching a specific product that is on your website. It would seem that a product that is so specific to your product line - products that are endogenous to your company’s website and not available through any other website or channels, why you would consider Pay per Click Google Ad Words to promote the sale of such products. If this fits your scenario you can be dominate and as well as vulnerable to your competition.

It is important that these product webpages are indexed well with the search engines that they are at the top of any organic search result. Through Ad Words and Organic search words if you have a hot product your competition may targeting the very name of your product and use search engine optimization to capture your clients using your keywords?

If your competition is using these kinds of tactics it forces you into the AD Word Arena where a nice organic campaign would have sufficed. So reconsider where are we sending users that have clicked from your ADS - to the product page or a landing page? MAYBE BOTH create a product page that acts like a landing page, all the product information, specifications, photos and of course a BUY NOW / ADD TO CART button.

You may offer a coupon code for that particular product that they can receive by giving you their email, the coupon code can then be emailed or posted on the landing page as described next .In addition also include the phone number of your company's website sales support line, a simple form that can pop up so the potential customer can email your support team and use chat technology as another way for your customers to reach out to you.

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