WOW, We received 250,000 impressions this week, but no sales…

With its October 15th  announcement, Google will be launching its final assault of the Mobilegeddon attack and it’s bigger than just a change in the algorithm. Google is splitting its Search Index, prioritizing Mobile over Desktop with the intent to provide the best experience to the end users.
In our last blog we discussed buying habits of the younger generation.

From a marketing perspective, it almost seems like there is a big interest in being “IN” with the young and hip crowd but the young and hip do not spend like previous generations.  For example, studies show that 50 to 60 Years old spend 74% more than users ranging in age from 18 to 25.
The statistics are dizzying on much time young people spend using mobile devices as well as time spent, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, emailing and texting.  Marketers seem to be very excited by the numbers and impressions, HOWEVER, at the end of the day we need to be excited by clicks that convert into sales and not just impressions.

It all comes down to driving traffic to your website that will convert into sales versus driving traffic for traffic’s sake and generating impressions.  Moving forward understanding the changes that are coming from search marketing and social media marketing platforms will help you better attract productive visits to your sites and ultimately sales.

Adapting to the changes that are coming from Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing perspectives will help you attract productive visits to your site and ultimately sales.



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