How much “Mobile” of Mobilegeddon do we need to concern ourselves from a marketing perspective

The largest population of mobile users, spending the most time on their devices are not surprisingly the younger demographic.  However, this younger group tends to spend less on going out to eat and spends less on big ticket items than their older counterparts.  They are motivated by having time off to enrich themselves rather than by having the biggest and shiniest on the block, but oh they love their coffee and spend more on lattes than any other demographic group.

Time spent on mobile has more than quadrupled in the past 5 years- let’s consider what this means. To Google, this means splitting their database into a Mobile Search Database and a Desktop Database is justifiable.  True.  The April 21, 2015, Google mobile algorithm sent SEO’s and small businesses running for the hills.  The question is, are we missing where the time is spent on mobile devices and what it means to a small business? NOTE: texting, email and social media is where most of the time is spent on Mobile Devices.

When developing an online Business plan and SEO advisement, we of course want to be found in Google Mobile searches.   By the same token, we still need to target the folks who are going to spend on your goods and services. Understanding the demographic and buying power and buying willingness of your potential clients becomes a crucial part of your online marketing plan.



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