During The Mobilegeddon Attack Did We Forget About The DESKTOP?

After surveying the Google Analytics of over 75 clients, we found their mobile views still had not cracked the 50% mark versus desktop views which were on average 57%. Our clients range from financial, school districts, local tourism, ecommerce, local businesses both retail and non-retail, national retailers, bio-tech and national non-ecommerce.

Based on the increased number of mobile users and searches, statistical data shows the whole world is going mobile and this trend is only going to continue upward.  
OK -  Granted we cannot argue with data and trends, but are we currently ignoring the desktop users and the desktop users experience? Think about the folks around you.  Here’s 3 quick examples of 3 major purchasing decisions – purchasing a car, purchasing a house and planning a wedding.  While different people on our team each experienced these scenarios, they all agreed that in each one of these cases -YES -a lot of Googling  happened on mobile devices, but when it came to crunch time and choosing the interior color, selecting a neighborhood or booking a band,  they went to the larger format of their desktops to make the final decision.

Sit in on any meeting and there is no doubt that when a point is mentioned and a fact needs to be confirmed, everyone whips out their mobile devices and starts Googling.  Although the belief is that the world is moving towards mobile, we should still create a balance of providing an excellent user experience for mobile devices while not disregarding the Desktop as a thing of the past.



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