Google announces the split of its Search Engine, Prioritizing Mobile over Desktop

Google announced the split of its Search Engine, prioritizing Mobile over Desktop. Basically, there will be a database for Mobile Friendly websites and a database for Desktop websites. This maybe the final assault of Mobilegeddon or the new beginning of online marketing.  OK, so let’s take a step back and we’ll try and not speak nerd.
Currently when you do a search on Google, one big database or “LIST” if you will, of every page on the internet is considered.  Google in a proactive manner monthly revisits every page on the internet for updates, as well as adds all new internet pages to the “LISTS”.  The “LIST” essentially assesses which websites are mobile friendly and which are not. A website is considered mobile friendly if it resizes its pages and reformats its content based on the browsers size.

For example, a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, FireFox, Edge) on a desktop computer has a  PIXEL size going across the screen that maybe 1200 (typical for a Laptop or a Desktop), a Tablet PIXEL size across  is about 768 and a smartphone about 480 PIXELS. When your homepage is viewed at any one of these pixel sizes, your website page responds accordingly by resizing itself neatly and without any awkward alignment.   Mobile Friendly is also known as Responsive Design.



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