Marketing Your Website on Facebook or Google

What's the difference if you are considering running ads for your website on Facebook versus Google, Bing or Yahoo, there is a difference. When person creates a profile on the Facebook website they are required to answer some demographic questions, birthday, where they live, if the person is comfortable posting more in depth personal information on a website, the Facebook profile will accommodate, hobbies, college attended, marital status and etc.

Based on your profile Facebook uses these demographics to determine what ads should be shown to whom. Like conventional marketing someone may post an ad in the sports section of newspaper to capture that demographic. But note the person looking at the Sports section has expressed no interest in that marketer’s products or services. The marketing is hoping to capture that demo and make the connection.

When someone searches on websites such has Google, Yahoo and or Bing, the potential customer has now said through their searching he or she is now interested in product A. All providers of product A need to be on that search results page. This is where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and ADWORDS has become the mainstream marketing vehicle.

Facebook tries to target potential customers on its website for businesses that are engaged in an Ad Program to obtain conversions. If you are driving traffic to your website using Facebook in a sense you are throwing a rock in hope to hit some customers.

Google, Bing and Yahoo (as well as any other search engine website that offers a Pay Per Click style campaigning) the rock is being thrown by the customer in hopes to hit a service or product. So in sense what I am saying better to get hit with a rock then to be throwing a rock. Maybe that's why when someone visits your website it's called a hit.

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