Email Marketing and the Art of the Landing Page

Your Marketing Message

You hear a lot of conversations about Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click aka Ad Words, All Important, but we exerted a massive effort for the last 4 to 6 months to get traffic to our website, they are finally coming, they land on the homepage and we see in the stats they never went past the homepage, and didn’t spend more than 10 seconds on the website. What’s happening? The way they are finding you - your message is not being carried over to where the users are landing on your website.

First mistake we do not want them coming to the homepage, we want them to go to a specially designed website landing page that carries the marketing message from what baited them into the website. Example - let talk about a service, replacing your gutters something homeowners think about often. Homeowner Google’s Gutter Replacement, an Ad Words Ad comes up, Gutter Replacement Call Today 10% off, click here, the homeowner clicks, ant the is brought to a page that speaks window replacement, vinyl siding, roofing and all the way the bottom Gutter Replacement. Homeowner hits the back button to Google and clicks on the next choice.

What should have happened, Company Logo with a Phone number, the message as to be clear and concise - to the point Best Gutter Brands Used, 20 year Guarantee, satisfaction guaranteed, Fast, Clean, Affordable, A plus by the BBB - call today… or fill out this simple form. Keep the form simple 5 fields at most Name, Number, Email, Best Time and town. The more you ask the less likely to fill out the form. Also use some nice photos and lifestyle shots.

It is recommended that for every product or service you may have your website should at least one landing page for each. If your service or product can be described different ways you will want landing page for each description. For example we are a website design company, some people may consider web site design as two words, or web design without the word site -especially if you are use ad words each every one of your ads needs to have its own landing page.

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