Email Marketing Super Bowl Sunday

Make Your Customers Aware

Online marketers we got all pumped up for the Holiday push chasing down Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and etc. The after the Holidays push - "Didn’t Get It for Christmas? Now Is The Chance To Get It And Get 50% Off". But beyond discounts and the online bargain hunter, comes an undertow of sales fueled by the Super Bowl. The average consumer watching the Super Bowl will spend $68.27 on game day and that is just on beer and buffalo wings, the total spend in 2013 was $12.3 Billion spent on athletic wear, décor and of course big screen TV’s.

So where do we fit in? The spending atmosphere around the Super Bowl is very similar to the spending atmosphere around the Holidays, the difference seems to be the Consumers are not as aware of it as they are aware of Black Friday and the other buzz days that they are conditioned to go out and spend. Fredericks of Hollywood Inc. last year ran a very successful email marketing campaign during the weekend of the Super Bowl offering a SUPER coupon code at check out. Amazon, Walmart as well not only targeting the big screen TV but an array of products.

As Budweiser typically targets the emotional side of the human condition through a Federico Fellini style Short, GO Daddy goes for shock value, Doritos are usually amusing, in the words of Russell Wilson's father WHY NOT YOU, so you don’t have the budget to buy a 30 second ad this year - we strongly recommend, getting out on to your social media channels, updating your website, setting your email marketing campaigns targeting this under tow sales season - realizing that social media and the internet is buzzing with traffic all Super Bowl Weekend especially Super Bowl Sunday and during the game more than half of the consumers 61% will be sharing the Super Bowl experience and 41% plan on posting until the end of the game….Hike

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