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Big online website retailers put 68% of their online marketing budget into email marketing. But you need an audience how do we build a list? Building an email marketing list in order to run successful campaigns is an ongoing process that becomes a part of your everyday duties. Starting with the obvious post a sign up here form on your website, explain the benefits of signing up, you are not going to share their email with anyone and that you follow the anti-spam act of 2001.

Make offers if you are ecommerce website signup today to receive email promotion and get 20% off your first order. If your website is more service oriented people love top ten lists, top ten things you need to know before hiring a professional website design company, renovating your how top ten things you should know about plumbing before you start this project. Statistics are great, people love statistics, ecommerce Holiday sales increase 13.9% in 2014, 2015 predictions are for holiday ecommerce web sales over 20% of 2014.

Join our series; create a series of articles that will be delivered over the course of the next 2 weeks, more of an explanation of the top ten, Top Ten Things you should know before creating an ecommerce website. 1) How to know the competitiveness of the products you are going to no selling based on price and quality. The first ecommerce article is delivered immediately, and the other 9 are devolved out over the 2 week period.

Tell a friend - most email delivery systems have the ability for the recipients to ad in tell or forward to a Friend feature in your email promotions. You can also use incentives to get folks get their friends to sign up, get a friend to sign up receive a $50 coupon and your friend will receive $25 off as well.

68% of the marketing budget mix for major companies, yes I know I am repeating myself but it is an interesting statistic, email marketing is where the rubber hits the road, but without Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization Marketing and Media Channels, where do the new recipients come from?

Let’s not forget Gorilla marketing walking around with a clip board, migrating your contact as well as trade shows.

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