Email Marketing a Major Part of the Marketing Mix

70% of Major Retailers Budget is Allocated Towards Email Marketing

As we see through this 2015 Holiday Ecommerce Season Email Marketing has become a major part of any online retailers marketing mix. We have seen a huge response from all of our email marketing efforts this Holiday Season. Not to pat ourselves on the back but our methods and the statically information that is available we can find immediately what is effective and what is not and there also seems to be a willingness by the recipients to receive marketing materials via email.

Compared to 2012, we have noticed less opt-outs on average as well as very low complaint rate. So there is the willingness to receive these emails, within seconds the recipients decide if they are going to forward, delete, save or click an email marketing piece. Another reason understanding the art of creating subject lines, if you can capture their attention with a subject line Like Hey "What Are Doing For Christmas" Subject lines that are conversational have a hire open rate then" Black Friday Sale"

The top portion of the email design is the most important, and should carry a piece or part of the subject line in the artwork. GAP and OLD NAVY have had some fun with their subject lines this Holiday Season, but in some instances when clicking into the email itself the subject line was carried thru. Not horrible but just felt a little disconnected.

In the coding of our email marketing pieces we always include a call to action button, Learn More, Shop Now - this may seem elementary but we see folks not including an action button in their emails. We also like to link up the email as much as possible, whether we link from a product back to the website, link the logo to the homepage, create sub navigation with in the email marketing piece to reflect and link back to the main categories on the website.

With the statistical information available we can see immediately how email recipients reacted to a particular email marketing piece. During the holiday season we take the positive aspect of the last email sent, review the stats and embellish what received the most reaction and build on it.

All of or email blast are being pushed out through all the social media and blog outlets simatauesly to expand on the possible reach as well as this enhances any Search Engine Optimization efforts we may be involved with.

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