That is "After the Holidays" Sales

New Year Black Friday

To carry the conversation from yesterday's post, Halloween is the New Black Friday, let"s assume heading up into the Holidays we created our marketing plan in August we executed the plan by updating the website according to schedule, pushed out the Email Marketing Promotions on time tracked results and generated sales for our clients. As we approach closer to the Holidays themselves and folks start to take time off, we notice and incline in results. That's fine and should be expected. It's not a bad time to start considering your online marketing plan for the New Year.

Way back in the day before the internet, a savvy group of shoppers would go out and look for sales, specifically the day after Christmas. Their thinking (is or was) this was the best time for deals. They are pretty much correct in their thinking. Moving Forward in to the New Year website retailers need to move inventory, new stuff is coming in, some stuff needs to go and the concern "If We Do Not Sell It Now - We Will Be Sitting On It for Another Year"

Here comes the tricky part for promoting deals on your website for the New Year, people are out of the spend cycle, gift giving is over, the sense of urgency is gone, some maybe experiencing the Credit Card Ouch Factor. Your marketing needs to entice them to the point that they cannot afford not to purchase. 40% Off Free Shipping Ends Sunday Now or Never Sale.

Consider what you are selling, can you use psychology to get them to think today is a great day to get a deal on… 2 quick examples, although 26 degrees today in New York, not too many of us are thinking about golf, I receive an email from Golf Website, short sleeve 3 button style collared polo shirts I am certainly thinking these are going to be a whole cheaper now then in July. Or although cold today, the Northeast has not seen too much snow this season, so when the one receives an email marketing promotion from a Ski style online boutique, knowing that the demand for SKI products are pretty low, again can only think Great Deal.

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