Planning Ecommerce Selling on Your Website for 2014

Ecommerce Holiday Website Webinar Recap

Join Us For Our Next Webinar on November 13 . The Webinar consisted design and layout for your Holiday Website Sales, Design and Tracking Email Marketing and Search Engine Optimization SEO recycling your e-Blast Pages, the opening was the introduction of Scott Pullo Founder of Web Cola Media, and the fact that Web Cola Media has been developing and marketing websites since 1998. It was also mentioned one of the main ecommerce web based solutions offered to Web Cola Media clients.

The discussion started with the how soft back to school sales where and how that is going to influence holiday sales in 2041. Internet Retailer gives data the 2014 back to school sales were up only 3% the worst showing since 2009. Sales for the Holidays 2014 is predicted to be up 10%. Although too late we encouraged all our clients to start their sales in October on all their ecommerce websites.

The next topic was the HOT DAYS OF Selling on your website. Overall we discussed the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, also shared a piece of wisdom that the phrases Cyber Monday and Black Friday are so played out - that to be creative when thinking up names for your sales, in Social Media, e-Mail Marketing and homepage graphics on the website.

Homepage Design We encouraged the group to try and have 4 really appealing items on their homepage all viewable within 800 pixels going vertical - we pointed out the advantages and disadvantages of using a rotator vs. non-moving graphics.

Email Marketing Design and Tracking We displayed several examples of email marketing design, multi products layout, single product layout and no product layout just in bold 40% Off Everything Last Blast Weekend. Using Tracking software examples where given how to follow up with customers who clicked on a product but did not buy.

When Creating an e-blast name the page a relevant title to your business example - we are Website Design Company so we may name a page Website-Business-Strategy.html, for our Holiday Sales we us this page over and over again for 3 months - at the end of the 3 months the page has received over 50,000 hits - the fact it is new page makes it gets hard to get listed in the rankings, the fact it has seen so much traffic make it a whole much easier to get listed. Happy Sales

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