Ecommerce Holiday Website Sales

2014 Start Now! Shop Savy!

Slow growth in back to school sales - back to school sales has become a measure for retail sales for the upcoming season, the use of ecommerce websites continually increase the shift market share verse conventional channels.

What does that mean to online retailers, aggressive marketing which has already begun. It’s time to start marketing the sales on you website NOW! Do not wait until Black Friday, start promoting, get the message out through your social media channels, push out your e-blasts and the homepage of your site.

The avalanche of online retail emails will start the Friday before Thanksgiving. Last holiday season some e-Retailers were sending 2 to 3 emails a day. The larger your list the more you can hit the list, ie. for a list of 8k to 10k we would recommend no more than every other day during the Holiday Push. For emails on a list of 5K to 20K we would recommend every 3 to 4 days while you are having a sale, during the holiday times.

The pricing and discounted offers are already promoting at 50% off and Free Shipping, we started our clients on the holiday push as of October 1st and so far so good.

As all online retailers try and get in front of one another, all looking for pole position to capture the holiday shopper’s dollars, the savvy shopper will wait for the ultimate deal, free shipping, free gift wrapping and of course the best cost. But these maybe the better days of deals then what we might see on Black Friday and such.

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