Ecommerce Holiday Website 2014 Sales Method

Increase Traffic To Your Website

Low Price First Method (phrase created by Web Cola Media) - this method is very effective - your initial offering of the Holiday Season will be the best deal of the season. This method increases the traffic to your website throughout the holiday season. The savvy price shopper will see that it is a great deal and make a purchase while a skeptical shopper will say to themselves the price is going to go lower it’s too early in the season. The skeptic will keep returning to the website click on your e-mail blasts waiting for that ultimate deal. There is also evidence that the person who took advantage of the early deal will be checking back as well to see if it has gone any lower to ensure there is no buyer’s remorse.

The constant reviewing of your website will entice someone to see another great deal and make a purchase and the same time drive more traffic to your website.

Using the Low Price First Method, you can end your ecommerce holiday sales campaign using the threshold sales method similar to "spend $100 get 10%, spend $200 get 20%" etc

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