Halloween is the New Black

Black Friday that Is!

Hey let's not kid ourselves ecommerce websites have high jacked the meaning of Black Friday, make no bones about it when ring the online sales bell as early as to Early as October we do get the desired Pavlov response in SALES - Subject lines like Black Friday starts today, pre-Black Friday Sale, Black Friday Sale in October - and why not. Online Retailers do not have to rely on getting up at the crack of dawn, shaking off a Tryptophan hang over to allow a horde of lunatics through the front door to purchase that one and only product at that one and only price.

Since 2007 we have been advising all of our ecommerce clients to start the push in October, again it's the internet, the customers do nave to get up early, get dressed and drive off to some far away mall, if they are in their pajamas at home, from work or on the go on their mobile devices, customer's logon to your website, point, click, pay and they are on their way.

Back in 2007 our objective was simply to improve sales in October and we always accomplished our goals. The sales campaigns where always creative other than the stomping of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales pitch, rather than FALL BLOWOUT, OKTOBERFEST, ROCKTOBER SALES etc. as time moved on looking at the 2014, 2015 and the 2016 ahead we noticed we are no longer alone in early October Sales.

But don"t be scared of Halloween, start your planning in late July, early August, post on your website and your social media campaigns that's sales are coming in October, start the promoting your sales in late September. Plan by date every email promotion, every homepage change that is going to happen from September to January 1st. Title Your October Sales Campaign accordingly, take a few days off then switch your campaign to the End of the Year Holiday Sale.

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