Ecommerce Beats Bricks and Mortar 2014 Holiday Season

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In an article posted today by Internet Retailer ecommerce websites sales grew 6.8% to 101 Billion during the 2014 Holiday Season - and total sales grew 4% to $616.1 Billion, Bricks and Mortar grew 3.46% to $514.2 Billion. As mentioned in our past blogs the shift from conventional shopping to ecommerce websites you do not need to be a psyched to see the trend.

Not mentioned in the article the use of conventional shopping will not go away but it will change, stores will become physical outlets for ecommerce websites, example you go in to Foot Locker - Kids are crazy with these sneakers - the store cannot physically or financial carry all the varieties - the kid tries on a fitted pair of sneakers not the color, are jazzy version he or she is looking for, confirms that the fit is good and that’s the correct size, the sales rep walks over to a kiosk taps in their sales code places the order through the company website - click click - "They will be on your front door the day after tomorrow - have a great day".

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