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Big eCommerce it's so easy...Right? Big Box e-commerce companies want you to know how easy it is create an ecommerce website and be up and running and even more important selling in a few hours. First for full disclosure Web Cola Media, is a reseller and or a partner to these big box Commerce website companies. The claim that you will be up in hours is not false, but understand and be true to yourself ask yourself what am I really expecting to get out of this ecommerce website adventure.

On one of these big box ecommerce websites they show a video of a couple painting a half wooden clock one color, the woman says hey we can sell these on online and the man says we can? At the end of the 1:32 they are getting a bigger space hiring employees and going on vacation. Nice! It’s that easy.

It kind of reminds me of an HGTV show when Bob and Susie decided to fix up their house, professional team comes in, fixes up a house, the total renovation is done in 22 minutes with commercials, now Bob and Susie have a whole new house with all new furniture. The total renovation of the house took time, a professional team and money. There is something appealing in thinking, I meaning you will manage an online store, managing the inventory, manage the sales calls, fill the orders, run the deliveries down to the Post office, deal with returns, post new products to the website, remove old items, add new graphics, update the homepage on a regular basis to keep the site looking fresh, review your abandon orders and determine why you are losing them.

Oh Yea Marketing, If you may notice a touch of sarcasm, we are not trying to be snobs or tell you it can’t be done, we have had plenty of calls from folks who spent a lot of time and energy and a lot of money with minimal return. Understanding the thought of hiring a professional website design company sounds expensive, but if your product is so good, or you have access to products inexpensive and there is demand - you may want to ask yourself do I want to be Hobby Commerce or Ecommerce.

In reference to the Big Box Commerce Company we are speaking of earlier on in this article, we are resellers and their online ecommerce platform is incredible and would recommend them as an ecommerce solution

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