What are the Three Levels of ADA Compliance?

38% of Americans that actively surf the internet are people living with disabilities. Having a website that conforms to ADA requirements ensures that your website can serve this population, hence increasing your market reach. It also ensures that you protect your business from being sued.

While conformance to the website accessibility conformance guidelines (WACG 2.0) is not a legal requirement at the moment, it is a good way to ensure that your website can serve the millions of Americans living with disabilities, hence increasing your revenue. Protecting your business from the threat of lawsuits is an added bonus.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution for conformity to WACG 2.0. There are three standards of compliance to choose from:

  1. Level A
    This is the minimum level of compliance. It only requires that screen readers be able to scan your website more effectively. This level of conformance will, however, not make your website compliant to the requirements of the Department of Justice (DOJ). Therefore, you may still be exposed to the threat of lawsuits.
  2. Level AA
    This is the middle level of ADA compliance. Many businesses are happy to be at this level of compliance. This level of conformance provides a lot of flexibility in design choices. It is neither too light (unlike level A) nor too restrictive in design. It is no wonder a good majority of organizations shoot for this level of compliance.
  3. Level AAA
    This is the highest level of conformance. While it is very comprehensive in terms of requirements, it is very restrictive when it comes to several key elements that are not only important for interaction with the website but also its design and level of functionality.

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