Cyber Monday 2014 E-Commerce Sales Topped $2 Billion

The largest sales ever recorded in a single day for online retailers. This is only including desktop computers - that’s increase over Cyber Monday 2013 of 17%. The marketing through Social Media, eMail Marketing, and conventional media outlets during the Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Small Business Saturday weekend caused folks to be very conscience of Cyber Monday.

I can remember saying to some one in 2008 "Cyber Monday" and they asked what are you talking about. To go back even further Black Friday was internal phrase used by retailers before it became a household buss word. Retail sales online continually to rise every year, it is safe to say that the 2015 Ecommerce sales will continue to rise as well.

With the 2 Billion Dollars of Cyber Monday capping off a very strong sales weekend , I would say that is good news for ecommerce websites and hopeful for a stronger economy in 2015. The only concern maybe is that the jitter from the sluggish back to school sales did on online retailers jump to fast with deep discounts and did they sell themselves short this kind of statistical information will not be readily available until early 2015. At this point keep the sales going on your website, promote, reach out - there are about 11 strong days left to make sales

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