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You had a great idea for a business and you followed through. Now your business is established and you’re looking for opportunities to grow. Investing in your online presence could be precisely what you need to attract investors, buyers or franchisers and grow your business.

The growth in consumption of digital content on social media and other platforms has changed how we do business today. In the past, having a strong digital presence was primarily to engage customers and grow sales. However, this is changing as more investors turn to social media and other digital platforms to seek potential investments.

A 2019 study showed that 98% of investors interviewed used social media to vet potential investments or seek updates on startups. Up to 88% of these investors said that they made their investment decisions based on the information they gathered online.

Some of the key platforms investors have been known to use to research potential investments include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Investors also use information on the company’s website as well as other media to learn more about potential investments.

Having a strong online presence is therefore critical if you want to attract investors or buyers to your business.

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