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Making your website Successful

Welcome to Website Marketing… what you need to know to have a successful website, besides the website be appealing, it has to Search Engine Compliant, the website will needed to be submitted to the search engines on a monthly basis, if the site is not optimized, submitting the website to the search engines will cause more damage than good. Staying connected to your customers and potential customers using email marketing, creating, building and maintaining your list. You will need to understand your lists potential and its limitations, industry exceptions, best time to email, what day what time how often. Social Media form a communication perspective needs to be delivered consistently, the message has to carry the corporate them, engaging, promoting and oh yea did we say consistent? Two main reasons for Social Media Marketing One is to engage your circle of followers, sales, new products new services, articles relative to your business and Two is to leverage your Social Media content to enhance your Search Engine Optimization. Contacting Web Cola Media at 866-Web Cola Media we will analyze your business the competiveness of your industry. We can provide you with a plan.